Photo Essay Inspiration

So, I have made a shot list, edited it, altered it, thought about it, shot a few, altered it again… somehow I am finding it difficult to conceive shots that will convey the story I am trying to tell.

Time to find some inspiration.. older active people, having a great time, laughing together, enjoying life, each other, the outdoors and being part of a group.

I suppose that it doesn’t help when I consider that the first event I photographed was a memorial ride for members who have passed away – not exactly the mood I am after.

How about shots like these instead?  How will I get them?? I don’t really want to stage shots, but then, this is an essay, not a record of an event.. at what percentage of staged shots does it become a photo shoot and not a story??  Questions to ponder..but in the meantime, onto the inspiration shots!


Imaged sourced at



Image sourced at

THIS image gives me a new idea.. should I sprinkle quotes and other text through my essay for context??  Ask some of the people I photograph what Ulysses and the activities/friendships mean to them??  That is something to follow up, I will make sure I get some quotes from the subjects of further images, I should create a list of questions to ask them to lead them to the sort of quote I am after…

“what does being a ulysses member mean?” “what would you do if you couldn’t ride””why do you prefer to ride with older people?” those could be a starting point.  But for now, back to some images


Image sourced from

Perhaps something like this with bike gloves on?? not sure it tells the story that I want.. but some test shots should help




Image sourced from

I LOVE this image, and I could put context in by having the subjects keep their helmets on, with the visors up.. open face helmets and riding jackets would be ideal.




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