Workbook Task 5 – Event Photography quiz

This workbook task was carried out as a class assignment, with discussion and input by all class members to build comprehensive answers.  The questions and answers as discussed are listed below.


What are the essential skills for the success as an event photographer:


  • Tech skills – you need to be able to change settings rapidly
  • Confidence
  • People skills
  • Time management skills
  • Prep skills
  • Fast thinking
  • Flexibility – events change very quickly, particularly once underway
  • Reliability
  • Professional
  • Physically healthy



What are some essential questions you will need to ask the client before the event?

  • Key people
  • Output type required
  • Delivery of images
  • Parking
  • Security
  • Contact details
  • Time frame
  • Transport
  • Sensitivity
  • Who is to have copyright
  • What printing/usage rights are required


What are some of the technical considerations of shooting in a large, crowded and often dark space?


  • Wide angle / telephoto – both should have some zoom for flexibility
  • Low aperture lens, to cope with low light – at least a 1.8
  • Flash
  • Appropriate bag for carrying gear without being in patron’s way
  • Memory card
  • Monopod


One business model for event photographers is to not charge a fee to the event organisers to shoot, but rather sell images directly to the guests who attend the event (some times with a percentage of the sales going back to the organizers).


What are some of the advantages to this approach?

  • Makes you perform
  • Make substantial amount of money


Consider the workflow that would allow you to sell images directly to guests.

  • Business cards
  • Minimal editing
  • Fast turn around

What are two reasons a client might request images before or immediately after the event has finished?


  • Social media
  • Newspapers


Consider the workflow you would need to implement to enable you to deliver final images prior to or immediately after the conclusion of the event?


  • Jpeg
  • Cds, USB
  • Minimal editing
  • Basic editing presets


Consider a strategy to ensure all this information is efficiently and accurately recorded for every image:


Iphone notes


Forms for clients to fill out before images are taken – image numbers that compare to those clients can be recorded on this form as soon as they are captured.


Double booked photographer, why might they be unhappy?

Lack of coverage for their event




What is the minimum equipment for doing this event

  • two bodies
  • wide + telephoto lenses (one on each body to minimize time changing lenses)
  • batteries – for both camera and flashes
  • flash
  • take charger
  • bag
  • comfortable shoes that look good
  • tripod
  • food and bottled water
  • notebook / pen

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