Process Diary – Assessment 1, Work in Progress

I am looking to compare the negative media portrayal of motorcycle clubs, with the reality of the vast majority of motorcycle riders.

Who to target this at?? Ideally 30-50 year olds, who are seen as looking forward to the social aspect of retirement, and maybe even planning for it.  With the Ulyssians as my counter subject to the media hype and fear, many of that age group who ride will have heard of them.

To this end, I will need to start with a slide that is a collage of media images, overlayed with headlines, this will mean a LONG bibliography list!

I plan to counter that by taking images of my own.. images of charity rides, images of small towns benefiting economically from groups of motorcyclists visiting, not sure how to do that one, possibly a line of bikes outside a small cafe? – a smiling store owner handing a coffee over to a leather clad motorcyclist??

I want to include the absurdity of the new laws in various states, but how to do that in an image??

There needs to be some images of conservative motorcyclists, wearing correct safety gear, on fuel efficient scooters etc

Also needed will be a shot that epitomises the social aspect of motorcycle riding.


OPENING SHOT – to set the scene, but not tell the whole story

REVEAL – introduce characters

ENVIRONMENTAL – show characters and their relevance to the story – 2-3 images

DETAIL – use to add body to story , similes acceptable

MOMENT/ACTION – summarise the essay with a single shot

EFFECTS – consider using blur, flash or pan shots

CLOSING SHOT – end of story.

Written Essay

Can be quite personal, must explain reasoning behind the theme and should provide context



collage of media images (not mine, but credited), perhaps a Ulysses image on the right of the slide?


Social shot showing friendship, perhaps in riding gear with bikes in background?


old guy at Calcallo service station, too old to ride, but still goes to say hi.  Ride leader in cafe shoot, Image from charity ride with toys or disabled people that we help?


panned shot of bikes on road (rural background), two old clasped hands???


group shot of more than 3 bikes (that is number law affects) heading down a long road


I will need permission from the riders and charities and retailers that I photograph, and I will need to properly credit all media sources – I also need to reference the dates and times of all rides, and all quotes from those who give them.

I also need to research submission guidelines for the Big Issue, my intended publication

Insurance?? probably not an issue in this case, as I will be covered by CTP while on rides.

OHS – I have all appropriate safety gear and riding gear from being involved with motorcycles for so long


Some sources so far:

Hunter S Thompson quote “Hells Angels is a 100 carat headline”