Workbook Task 6

This task involved writing a pitch.  We were given several options, and I chose to pitch to The Big Issue for my recent photo essay “Growing up is Optional”.

The Big Issue

GPO Box 4911
Victoria 3001

Attention:  Alan Attwood, Editor.

Dear Mr Attwood,

One in three Australians is over the age of 50, and that number is growing.  With the move away from extended families living in close proximity, I believe that many  older Australians are looking for new activities to fill their leisure hours, activities that will keep them active and provide interesting memories.

As a member of that age group,  and also a diploma student photographer, I have recently created a photographic essay on the joys and benefits of motorcycling for older Australians, something that I also enjoy, and an activity that has helped me to rapidly make new friendships, and settle into new communities on two recent interstate moves.

I would love to show you my images, which showcase the friendships formed, the strong bonds and the community benefits of helping older Australians to remain active.  I believe that this is an issue that suits your publication by raising awareness that aging isn’t all about lawn bowls and bingo, but instead can be filled with a sense of worth, usefulness and belonging.

I can be contacted via return email at dragonsdene@gmail or by telephone to 0406 115 255
Thank you for reading this far, I do hope that we will be able to chat soon.

Kind regards

Carol Shearman

CATC College student.